Tips to help you stop overthinking

Tips to help you stop overthinking

We’ve all been there. You know, the times when we randomly think of a brilliant idea but then never get round to doing it because we start questioning it, overthinking, or even worse self-doubting till we brush it off. But we all know that that one idea could have improved our personal/ professional lives, or just given us that extra bit of happiness had we executed it… but we didn’t. Today, I will give you 4 steps to help you stop overthinking those ideas, and get you doing more.

Step 1: Write it down

This is the most important step because once it’s written down, there’s no forgetting about it (unless of course you throw that piece of paper away, which you shouldn’t). Your brain will keep on reminding you of that thought you’ve written down, and by doing so, you will start giving the idea more importance.

Step 2: Ask yourself why you shouldn’t do it

Why don’t you want to do this? Are there any negatives? Will it affect you in a negative way? Will it disrupt your life? How will it cause disruptions? Are you feeling nervous? Anxious? Scared?

Step 3: Ask yourself why you should do it

Will this idea make you happier? Will this idea contribute to your career’s growth? Will this idea improve your life in any way? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then it’s time to dump all the negative thoughts in step 2 and tell yourself that you will only benefit from this idea.

Step 4: Plan out your steps to fulfilment

Now that you’ve established that you will use your idea, it’s time to plan how you will execute it. Make a short list of the steps you need to take, and tick them off every time you fulfil an objective. And sooner than later, you’ll have fulfilled your idea.

I hope that these tips to help you stop overthinking will help you to enhance your lives, even if it’s in the smallest way possible.

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