Bio Hacks of the Week

Bio Hacks of the Week


Optimize your hydration with a Water Ionizer.
Drink ionized alkaline water. Since our bodies are made of 70-80% water, every bodily function relies on our body’s hydration – from digestion, energy, mental clarity/focus, to detoxing our cells. Scientific research shows that alkaline water can reduce the harmful effects that oxidation can have on our bodies. With a water ionizer, it restructures the molecules in the water which then allows the water to properly replenish our bodies.

Cold Mountain Showers either in the AM or after a workout session.
This is really good for your muscles, heart, skin, even mental agility. Doing a cold shower after a hot one can also be beneficial. By turning the shower dial towards COLD after being in warm to hot water, is called a mammalian dive reflex – which is a giant inhale before entering ice cold water. The cold water activates a response in our nervous system which then increases circulation in our bodies, increases oxygenation of tissues, promotes healing of tissue inflammation especially after rigorous exercise, and more.

Photo credit: steemit

Conquer your sleep game.
Getting your circadian biorhythms back into balance is key in optimizing your sleep cycle. So first things first – your sleeping environment. This is where your bed is. In order to REALLY associate the bed w/ rejuvenation and rest, electronics MUST be turned off, put on airplane mode, or placed far away from where you lay to sleep.
If you want to take it to another level, better yet, you can unplug all devices in your bedroom. We as humans forget our brains are the most sensitive organ we know of/have. Our sleep/daily patterns are affected by electromagnetic radiation.

Additionally, your bedroom needs to be cold, dark, and free of any activities left open or in plain view -this doesn’t account for the natural sunlight that comes in when it’s time to wake up though! 😉 Since our waking and sleeping cycles are regulated by the pineal hormone melantonin – its production is reliant on the blue light spectrum that our eyes see everyday, this is essential for us in waking hours since it keeps us awake and alert. However in a world with endless screen time, our bodies/brains become confused.
An added option to defuse the overload of blue light added in – especially for those of us in the tech world – Blue Light Blocking glasses are now available for purchase to protect our pretty eyes!

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels
Istanbul, Turkey

These are just a few hacks for the week. I felt these were the most important to share since we’re entering a new decade, awareness of our minds and bodies are the most important. Taking care of our internal selves will reflect externally.

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