Year in review: Looking back at our achievements, and looking forward to our goals

Year in review: Looking back at our achievements, and looking forward to our goals

My favourite month is coming to an end, as is this year… and this decade! Many of us have now started planning on starting afresh which involves setting new goals as well as re-attempting targets we haven’t met. We call these the infamous New Year’s resolutions. Infamous because hardly anyone actually goes on to achieve them all. But is that really a reflection of our personalities?

Know your worth

As much as I really enjoy looking forward to beginning a new year, I often find that I start to feel a bit stressed out come February because I have either fallen behind schedule, or never gotten around to ticking off some of the boxes on my New Year’s resolutions list. Deep within me, however, I know that regardless of how many boxes I’ve ticked, I’ve worked just as hard. But I find that I don’t appreciate my dedication as much as I ought to. So this year, before compiling my New Year’s resolutions list, I have decided to take a moment to reflect on everything I’ve achieved this year. I want to appreciate the work I have put into everything regardless of the outcome. And most importantly, I want to acknowledge my growth as a person. 

Many of us don’t look back at everything we’ve done over the year for fear that we may not have achieved everything we planned on achieving. I know that when we look back, we will find that we may not have achieved everything we wanted to. However, there certainly will be many other unplanned achievements that are equally, if not more important to us. I feel it’s important for us to reflect on the past year because it will help us to value ourselves and motivate us to do better. 

I haven’t completed my resolutions. But…

2019 has been a year where I haven’t completed everything off my New Year’s resolutions list, but I have achieved and experienced so much more. For one, Subah and I launched this blog. Have I blogged continuously? No. But has this blog been on my mind all the time? Heck yeah! I mean, why else do you think that we decided to revamp this blog within a span of a few months? I have been on spontaneous trips to Dubai, India and France. 2019 has also been the year where I re-commenced my healthy eating journey and stuck to it for most of the time. This meant that I have been able to see the results that I wanted to see. And most important of all, the list above, as well as everything else I have done has resulted in a newer, enhanced version of myself. And I love this new me. 

Reflect, evaluate, improve

Having resolutions is important because it helps us to focus. However, it is equally important to reflect on our efforts and achievements and to evaluate how well we have done. This not only helps us to value ourselves more, but it also helps us to judge our weaknesses. In effect, we are then able to set goals which will work on improving on those shortcomings as opposed to having a random wish list which we translate into resolutions. 

This year is extra special as we have a whole decade to look back at and celebrate ourselves. So now, give yourself a pat on your back, and start planning on your goals for 2020.

Happy New Year!

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