The ultimate Christmas gift guide for her

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for her

It’s the last month of the decade! Which means, it’s time to spend our earnings and savings on Christmas presents for our loved ones. This can be a tricky process, so to make life easier for you all, here’s your fool proof Christmas gift guide!


You can never go wrong with jewellery, but before taking a plunge, try to think about:

  • The type of jewellery she wears
  • Whether or not she has any piercings
  • Whether or not she wear rings, or if she is more of a necklace person

Once you’ve established which jewellery piece you’ll go for, why not take it one notch higher by personalising it with an engraving if it’s for someone special? Thomas Sabo is the first brand that comes to mind for those who don’t mind splurging their money. Alternatively, head over to Etsy where you’ll find numerous jewellery designers who will customize your jewellery pieces for you. Caitlyn Minimalist is one of my favourites on Etsy because you can never go wrong with a clean, minimalist jewellery piece!


This will perhaps be one of the most practical options in this Christmas gift guide, since everyone needs a pair of good mittens in the winter (unless you live in a hot climate). Amazon always has a variety of designs and styles on offer. In fact, they even sell thermal gloves that are touch screen friendly!


Who doesn’t love a good old yankee? Before making your purchase, however, remind yourself of the types of scents they like, or the colours that would match their interior décor. Again, that’ll not just show your thoughtfulness, but it will also prevent your gift from ending up at the local charity shop. BUT, if you want to take it to the next level, head over to 54Celcius where you can purchase a modernised version of a basic candle, or even one with a secret message! What’s awesome about this brand is that despite the visual appeal, their candles are fairly priced, so you could buy a horse shaped candle for £27.


Most of us girls LOVE makeup, but this can be a tricky one as everyone has different tastes which is why I personally feel that this is a great option for close friends. Maybe there’s an eyeshadow palette they’ve been eyeing for a while, or even get them a pressed powder they already use as that will definitely not go to waste. If you’re stuck for choice, why not have a look through our fall lipsticks guide where you may be able to find some inspiration?


Girls can never have enough shoes! So if you know their size and choice of style, you’ll surely find something appropriate for them.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful addition to their dinner table set? Depending on your budget, you could go all out by purchasing them a tableware set, or you could buy a statement piece such as a set of candle holders.

Face masks

The craze surrounding face masks is at its all time high, and let’s face it, we’ll all need one to calm our skin from the calorie filled Christmas dinner we’ll munch on. The Origins mask and go on the go masking must haves face mask set is a perfect gift since you’ll get a variety of masks that are travel friendly, so not only do you get to sample your way through their collection, but they’re very portable too!


If your friend or loved one is an avid reader, give them a book or two to add to their collection. Alternatively, why not give them an inspirational book that’ll motivate them? My personal favourites include Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals by Rachel Hollis, Becoming by Michelle Obama and You Do You: How to Be Who You Are and Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want (A No F*cks Given Guide) by Sarah Knight. And if that’s not suitable for your friend or loved one either, there’s always makeup books by various makeup brands which will not only help them to perfect their makeup skills, but they also make a great decorative addition to beauty rooms or coffee tables.

Travel mug

Who doesn’t need one? And, can you ever have enough? I mean, with the different styles, colours, shapes and sizes out in the shops today, I’m sure I’m not the only travel mug hoarder out there. In fact the other day, my mum bought me a new Minnie Mouse travel mug (your girl is obsessed with Disney), and that literally made my day! A hot mug of tea/ coffee in the morning can make the difference between having a bad day or a good day for many, so why not gift them something that’ll help put a smile on their face? If you want to go the extra mile, get them a personalised travel mug.

SD card reader for iPhone

Not many people are aware of this little handy tool, but once they find out about it, there’s no looking back. This lightning cable allows you to transfer photos and videos from an SD card to an iPhone, in full HD. So if you know a friend who is into photography, or owns a camera/ camcorder that they take photos with, this will be the ideal gift for them as they will be able to transfer those photos straight to their iPhones without having to connect to a computer or WiFi to be able to post on social media.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading my Christmas gift guide for 2019, which included both conventional and somewhat unconventional choices!

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