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    Hello Ferominas!

    Welcome to our forum! I wanted to open this discussion to weakness. As females, we have a lot on our shoulders, plates, and in our purses! Sometimes we try to take care of everything and everyone without checking in on ourselves.

    Having a weakness is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be good – it makes you real.If someone were to ask me what my weakness is? I would say dessert. No really, I can eat an entire birthday cake – which I have!

    There’s no judgement here, I also have other weaknesses that I’m not exactly proud of but have accepted. Besides dessert, my weakness is spending money lavishly..on gifts for friends, charities, my puppy, family, etc – ..I am actively working on this but it’s a real problem. I recently signed up for financial counseling last week! It was a thing I have promised myself I would do. I need to manage my money responsibly and realize that anything can happen – it’s important to always have a backup plan or a nest egg.

    It kind of started when I was younger – I spent most of my time in India – which is where the other half of my childhood resided – I would give all my spending/shopping (allowance) money to the peddlers or sick mothers on the street; or would go and buy an entire cart of live chickens just so they wouldn’t get slaughtered. I just get very anxious about the world’s problems and sometimes can’t handle or cope with some of the things I’d see, and this still goes on till this day..Does anyone else struggle with anxiety?

    I’m not good with money and that’s a real weakness..but everyday I work on this and try to be responsible which goes hand-in-hand with self love, self care, and balance.

    Another weakness of mine? I’m late to everything.  I have poor time management. I don’t know why but procrastination is one of the key reasons lateness occurs. In one of my first few posts on Feromina I wrote about finding balance. This is one of the things I am presently working on that I learned when I turned 30. It’s constant effort and no it’s not easy some days..but you have to push yourself.

    So what’s your weakness?

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