The 5 best pieces of advice I have ever received

The 5 best pieces of advice I have ever received

“Try, try, try again”… a phrase that my mum tells me every time I feel like giving up, and every time I approach a ‘test’ or difficult situation in my life. “But surely there’s a point when there’s no point in trying anymore”, I said a couple of months ago when I was feeling very low about not being able to achieve my target grades on my practice tests. “You feel like you can’t succeed at this point” she said, “but look back at the first time you attempted this same exam. Now compare your current performance to that of your first, and you’ll find that you have improved greatly. You will only get better every time. So keep trying. You have nothing to lose”. 

Exactly, I have nothing to lose, I thought. Eventually, this became the best piece of advice I had ever received in my life. And it wasn’t the first time I had heard it, but it was the first time that I had understood the true meaning of try, try, try again.

This renewed outlook on my mum’s advice led me to compile a list of more best pieces of advice that I have ever received. Recollecting these have helped me to stay positive and set better goals for myself, so I thought I’d share my list with you all, with the hope that I’ll be able to bring some positivity into your lives during these trying times. 

The 5 best pieces of advice I have ever received

1) Work hard, stay humble

Being successful is important, since it means we have achieved the goal that we endeavoured upon. However, with success, comes arrogance and ungratefulness which makes success seem ugly. Therefore, always:
1) Thank those who helped you
2) Remind yourself of all the hard work you put in to achieve your success
3) Remember your roots
4) Remember to appreciate how far you have come
5) Pay it forward

2) Never stop learning

Learning, as they say, begins at the cradle and ends at the grave. It’s a never-ending journey, and a very essential part of our lives. Acquiring knowledge doesn’t stop at school, college or university, nor is it just related to our professional lives, but it includes our personal lives too. Broadening our skills and our knowledge in effect makes us better communicators, better leaders and a better person. Learning provides us with a constant form of self-growth and self-improvement, which helps make our life more fulfilling. So, go ahead, and seek for opportunities to enhance your knowledge in your everyday lives.

3) Forgive and let go

This is a piece of advice that often sounds easier than it is. However, it is a very important piece of advice. No one likes disagreements, or being betrayed, or any other means by which we get hurt because of someone else’s actions. However, carrying that heavy rock of emotions attached to unforgiveness is actually a worse feeling altogether. In the past year or so, we have seen how valuable life is, since so many people have had to succumb to their untimely deaths, and so many milestones and celebrations with our loved ones have been missed. So let’s try and be more forgiving, since you never know what the next moment of our lives entail.

4) Stop worrying, start doing

Worrying and contemplating about what could go wrong, and what the consequences of that will be is like a vicious cycle that acts as a barrier from allowing us to progress. Therefore, stop worrying about what could go wrong, but start planning ahead about what you can do to help ease the situation. And most importantly, be optimistic since even the worse situations DO have a solution.

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5) Live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect from you

This is quite a difficult one to achieve in today’s times. What, with everyone posting their instagrammable bodies, clothes, houses, food and cars, we often tend to follow on. Why? Just because we want to be one of them? Life is short, so it’s ever so important to put ourselves and our expectations first. So, do what YOU want to do, not what others expect from you!

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