Lifestyle bio hacks for a more productive week

Lifestyle bio hacks for a more productive week

Recently I have discovered that there are certain habits good or bad that can predict the outcome of your weeks. It’s more obvious to me now especially in this day and age with technology. We use it to interact with our friends, families, coworkers, etc. It’s unavoidable. With all that, comes more responsibility, activity, tasks, and what have you. Your brain and your body go through a lot between all the food you’re eating and all the content you’re reading, watching, or engaging in. So it’s important to scientifically look at your daily activities and your diet.

If you’re in school and you also work, it can be tough. You find yourself overworked and still maybe feel like you’re not getting everything done or you’re behind on deadlines between those two responsibilities. For me, I work full-time and I am also an adult student pursuing a second degree. I also have a dog and I live alone. I have a nice boyfriend who helps but let’s be honest, that’s not enough.

I sometimes wish I had an assistant but I can’t afford that between all the doggy daycare, car payments, rent, utilities, etc, etc. it’s just not possible (at least right now). I am successful in my career but still not where I want to be financially because of all the student debt and bills.

Above all this, my job is demanding. I have work projects that sometimes take me weeks to complete. I love what I do but fitting everything in efficiently requires math! It requires logic. So In this post I put together a mild list I’ve found that has helped me optimally perform and get things done so I can maximize my weekends and evenings now.

I have been experimenting for over a year now (if you guys remember my birthday post earlier this year – Lookback on the year).

Here’s what I have found to be true:

1 Go to bed early. Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise! I’ve been sleeping by 10:30-11PM sharp every evening even on my weekends – and let me tell you – I have such better mornings. I accomplish much more in the mornings than I do in the evenings- don’t get me wrong I can be a total night owl but it doesn’t work well if I have multiple appointments, meetings, tasks I need to do the next day.

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson

2Immediately when you wake up, have luke-warm water with lemon. Keep this in your bathroom next to your sink before or after you brush your teeth! I have started doing this, and it has improved my digestive tract tremendously as well as my mental agility. Before doing this I had a major gluten sensitivity but after reading several books on my body I found that my body needs water + natural antioxidant when you first wake up. Simple.

Photo by Julia Zolotova

3Use a cold (can keep this in the refrigerator) healing crystal roller on your face every morning for: Promoting lymphatic drainage – Reducing Puffiness and wrinkles – Tightening, reducing pore size – Reducing dark under eye circles – Improving skin elasticity – Improving blood circulation and skin tone – Eliminating toxins

You can buy this item on Amazon or almost any beauty store now. It’s an ancient beauty secret that has recently become popular.

I’ve been doing this for nearly 3-4 months and have noticed a huge difference in my skin when I first wake up. It’s not only good for your skin but I instantly wake up and feel refreshed. I personally have a rose quartz crystal roller. There are multiple different kinds. Naturally, rose quartz promotes self-love, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace. So it’s a double-win for your mind and your beauty 🙂

Sold on Amazon here $19.99 USD

4Read the news and have your go-to morning beverage (hot or cold; preferably hot) This is a great way to stimulate your mind and also helps your interaction with others throughout the day. The news is a great way to connect with others and start a rapport/conversation especially in the workplace. “Hey did you know Google partnered with a major healthcare provider..blah blah blah”

5Choose between breakfast or lunch for your first meal. This is where you can do a mild intermittent fast with the exception of water. Giving your body a good 5-6 hour break from food is good in the long run. It’s not easy when you first start (as most things) but after 1-2 weeks of doing this, it’ll be a habit and you will reap the major rewards of the effects.

It’s shown to improve focus and memory (not initially as it takes about a few days but we’re doing this for the long term, remember?) I opt for breakfast and skip lunch so by the time dinner arrives, that’ll be my lightest meal (because your stomach shrinks from the downtime you gave it) and I sleep better. If you choose to have lunch, it’s best to have lunch around 11:30AM-12PM so your body has that good 5-6 hour range so by 6-7PM you’re ready for dinner 🙂

6Accomplish a task and give yourself a reward. The reward system has worked for me. I give myself one of the tasks I need to complete and then say to myself, “ok this is my reward, I’ll treat myself to a nice 15 min walk..” or “I’ll look at facebook now for 15 minutes..” – I even set a timer for these rewards. But don’t make these rewards an hour!

7Mildly give up junk food and sugar. Instead substitute for more veggies, salads, organic fruits. Not an easy one but definitely an effective one! I have only been eating organic fruits and veggies and have found a major difference in taste, mood, and my tummy!

It’s hard to do this in the States because the demand for fresh and organic is expensive and slim even sometimes sketchy because some brands lie. It’s good to do your research but my go-tos are WholeFoods or Trader Joes.
I read all the ingredients. If it has too many ingredients I don’t buy it. Less is more in this case.

If you’re like me and suffer from dessert addiction, the best thing to do here is ease yourself with pineapple or blueberries as those are the most easily ripened fruits (sweetest). Bananas are also good but personally for me I find it can be too filling so I’ll have that in the morning instead! Also a great fruit for breakfast or post workout.

So these are just a few right now. I have more to come in the upcoming weeks as I progress on this journey!

Share some of your methods if you have any that may help you have an optimal week. Write in the comments below 🙂

Until next time!

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