My Favourite Fall Lipsticks – Drugstore and High End

My Favourite Fall Lipsticks – Drugstore and High End

It’s fall! Well it has been for one and a half months now but… it’s fall! My favourite season of the year! I love this season because it’s not too cold, but not warm either, in other words, it’s just right! The changing colours of the leaves, the breeze that sweeps across my face, seeing different shades of browns all around me, being able to wear my winter coats and boots again, and looking forward to my large mug of latte at the end of a tiring day just brings me immense joys for some strange reason. Not forgetting how big a deal fall fashion and makeup trends are! I mean, this is THE SEASON to change it up from bright, summery colours to more toned-down reds and browns and everything in between!

I always feel it’s the eyes and lips that define a makeup look. Think of it as a story, where the eyes and lips are the main protagonists, while the rest of the face are important supporting characters. During the last few weeks I’ve been going through my makeup stash to try and create looks that are more suited to the season. Honestly speaking, I’ve loved this whole process so much that here I am today, sharing my favourite drugstore and high end fall lipsticks with you all.

1. Chanel Rouge Coco 06 Égérie

I’ve owned this lipstick for years so I did a quick Google search to see if it could still be purchased and found that currently, only eBay sells it. The best match to this shade from the current Chanel ultra hydrating lip colour range would be Teheran. Coming back to this lipstick, it’s an amazing coral pink type of shade which neither has an opaque, nor a sheer finish – it’s kind of in between the two. It’s VERY hydrating, which is perfect for this season when dry and chapped lips are a common problem and the colour is beautiful to use on a daily basis, or when you don’t want to make a statement with your lip colour.

2. MAC Lustre Sheer Plum

This was one of the first high end lipsticks my parents let me buy as a teenager. It’s a beautiful colour, sort of a mix of brown, red and purple but it’s light enough to be worn on a daily basis. The formula is very hydrating and even though the staying power isn’t that great on its own, it usually leaves a nice berry coloured stain which still looks great if you’re unable to reapply. Again, MAC discontinued this shade a few years ago so the best alternative I’ve found is the shade Capricious from the current MAC lustre lipstick range.

3. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Trendsetter

I have been in love with matte formulas (as you’ll see below) because of their staying power, and most importantly, because they help me to avoid the dreaded lipstick chin! Huda Beauty has produced some of the best lipsticks in recent years and I think that the way this brand is lauded completely makes sense. The reason I love this shade, not just during fall but throughout the year is because it’s a lovely light brown colour which goes with almost any outfit and could even pass off as a nude for deeper skin tones. It’s one of those versatile shades that depending on the rest of your makeup, could complement a daily, non-glam makeup look, but it could also be used in glam makeup routines.

4. L’oréal Paris x Balmain Domination

When it comes to drugstore makeup, I always feel that L’oréal Paris is up there, almost as good as high-end makeup products. Their lipsticks and mascaras have always been my favourites, so as you can imagine, I was thrilled when they collaborated with Balmain. I remember waiting for months until these lipsticks launched and ended up purchasing a few of them, and Domination quickly became my staple lipstick. Red lips have become trendy again for a few years now and I’ve embraced this trend with open arms. Let me tell you this, if you’re after a red lipstick that will complement any skin tone, if you’re after a matte red lipstick that won’t dry your lips, and if you’re after a beautiful red lipstick on a budget, then this is the lipstick for you! The staying power is also AMAZING! I don’t think I ever had to reapply this lipstick, and it always takes me forever to remove it!

5. L’oréal Paris x Balmain Liberation

Yes, this is a deep purple and yes, I absolutely LOVE it! Lately, purples have started to creep up in almost every brand’s lipstick collection, but I still feel like not enough people wear them. If you’re scared to experiment with a purple lip shade, then I feel like this is the shade that’ll ease you in to the non-conventional lip colour game as it’s a beautiful deep purple shade that doesn’t scream purple and easily matches most fall outfits. I usually wear this shade when I go out at night and I find that it elevates my makeup look as it’s such a distinct colour.

6. L’oréal Paris x Balmain Power

This is a very deep brown shade, basically think gothic. But don’t let that put you off because when paired with the right makeup look, it looks beautiful. I’ve received many compliments when I wore this lip shade and even though it’s such a deep colour, you can wear it both during the day and night. One word of warning I would give, however, is that unlike the other shades from the L’oréal Paris x Balmain range, this shade is a bit drying and can cling on to dry patches. However, I have found that I am able to overcome this problem by applying a lip balm half an hour before this lipstick. The L’oréal Paris x Balmain lipsticks were part of a limited edition collection which you can now find on Amazon and eBay.

7. L’oréal Paris Les Chocolats Volupto Choco

If a deep brown isn’t your cuppa tea, then I promise you that you’ll fall in love with this lipstick. This shade is a medium to dark brown with an orange undertone and it looks lovely at any time of day, and with any type of makeup look. I’ve worn this both as part of an under stated makeup look and for parties, and I feel like eating it every single time because it smells SO GOOD! It’s truly a very versatile shade and I have seen that some people are even able to pull it off as a nude. Pair it with a peach blush and you’ll see how it completely transforms your makeup look.

8. L’oréal Paris Les Macarons Blackcurrant Crush

When I first saw this shade in the shop, I loved it, but the story was somewhat different after I brought it home. It was one of those moments in my life where I seriously questioned my choice and was about to return it as it is an unusual purple-pink shade (it looks much lighter in person than it looks in photos). I just couldn’t think of how I could wear it. However, a couple of weeks ago as I was about to leave for a meal out at night, I picked up this shade and spontaneously applied it. Let’s just say there was no looking back since. This is one of those shades that you have to warm up to and once you do, it starts making a regular appearance.

9. Makeup Revolution Nudes Collection Exposed

This is another deep-ish brown shade, but in a gloss form. I’ve found that it’s got an almost sheer kind of finish so I usually fill in my lips with a suitable lip pencil before-hand to increase its longevity. This is basically a typical fall lip shade that you can purchase on a budget.

10. Makeup Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Premonition

This is one of my lipstick staples. I tend to wear it on days where I want to be bold without wearing a proper red. I love wearing this lip colour during fall because it’s such a nice understated red-maroon but still light enough to be worn regularly. It’s a great lazy day lip colour when I slap on a bit of foundation, mascara, and a typical pink blush with it to give the illusion that I made a lot of effort on my makeup even though I haven’t.

So that concludes my list of drugstore and high end fall lipsticks, and I hope that you enjoy this sweater weather as much as I do!

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