My Experience with ‘Green Crack’ this weekend
High Level Health in Lincoln in Denver, CO

My Experience with ‘Green Crack’ this weekend

So this past weekend, I had a bit of a setback. Not as productive a weekend as I would have hoped for. Sadly the weather was amazingly gorgeous so I missed out on an outing with my dog as well.

It all began when I had decided to take the trip to a dispensary to purchase a strain of marijuana called ‘Sativa – Cinex’ or what is also referred to as ‘Green Crack.’ It seemed to be a good option as I don’t like things that make me tired or down or zonked out..

After my drive into the city of Denver I had parked my car in front of the dispensary which is called ‘High Level Health.’

As I walk in, it’s a private sectioned area with a booth and a man behind it. They require Identification before entering the store. I quickly and nervously pulled out my license and gave it to the man who then buzzed me in to the other side which was a room with several counters, each with their own designated sales person behind it. He told me to wait for him at a particular counter that he pointed to, so I went as directed. Once he came back around, he gave back my license and asked what I would like. I anxiously said “I’m looking for something called ‘Green Crack.’ I felt ridiculous actually saying this and started questioning myself, on what am I actually doing here..

He confirmed and nodded with a yes they do have ‘Green Crack’ and asked me “the small cartridge?” I nodded and said “yes” questionably. He brought back a small boxed cartridge which had the goods in it – to which I asked if this was for a vape pen, he said yes and then brought around a pen and a charger which was called a “battery.” He guided me a bit on how to use it and what to do and not to do. I consented to purchasing these items to which I gave cash since they are cash-only; I believe all dispensaries in Colorado are cash-only; I roughly remember going to one in a gold mining town (passing through on the way to Aspen) also being the same kind of operation. After paying, I exited the dispensary on my way to my car. I drove back to my apartment in Lakewood and suddenly had this odd feeling of maybe I shouldn’t try this but I did anyways – which I wholeheartedly regret.

My initial experience was constant coughing, burning up – almost feverish, and then suddenly everything slowing down, completely then abruptly speeding up to the point where I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or what had just happened. It was a scary feeling.

I felt utterly alone and felt like I needed someone to hold me. At this point I began to feel restless if I sat up and wobbly if I went to the kitchen- which I did to quickly feed myself so I would regain equilibrium at the very least. This did not work as I would have I, then, resorted to lying down and found comfort in wrapping myself in a blanket. This really helped the very unsettling feeling I was getting during this “trip.”

I had my awareness level high to the best of my ability – as I kept telling myself, “it’s ok, you feel this way because of this drug you just tried..what you’re feeling is not will be ok..” – I said this repeatedly. I let myself close my eyes and sleep it off. This definitely helped but not completely. After waking up from the first nap I knew it was 6PM and my puppy needed dinner so I awoke, washed up, and prepared us food. After dinner I went on to nap #2 since I was not 100% yet, this nap helped a lot more; I woke up again around 8:30-9PM and felt a lot better; also made an iced coffee to bring me back some life..

Now it’s about 12 midnight and I sit here writing this post!

My ending conclusion is, do we need these kinds of drugs? I certainly never want to try this again or put myself through that. I think if you are in normal sound health, you probably don’t need these kinds of things. I understand for cancer patients or patients who are undergoing severe health issues – they can find comfort in these medicines. However recreationally I don’t feel it’s worth it, at least for me.

I like to be in my full senses and find a high out of just being present!

A few things I learned and helped bring me back to normal during this experience:

1 Try to stay present or in your body; keep repeating affirmations or look to things that are in front of you to see what is what.

2 Do not resist! Surrender during the trip or experience in some sense, basically let it happen but just try to stay aware (mentioned in #1).. otherwise it will make the feeling worse.

3 Drink a whole glass of very ice cold water and DEFINITELY eat a little something.

4 Take a nap; wrap yourself in a nice comforting blanket – like in a cocoon, psychologically, it makes you feel like you’re safe. Some of you may experience a rush of hot and cold very quickly so keeping a consistent body temperature is key.

5 After your nap, wash your face in cold water with a great face scrub that you use! It really helps.

6 Most definitely have a coffee or even a coca cola – or a drink that is refreshing to you; make sure you’ve had a full meal (mentioned in #3) as well.

7 If your experience was a bad as mine, don’t ever do this again!

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