Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Lately work has been hectic. Work, taking classes online, taking care of a pup, keeping a clean home, managing upkeep of my car, and then there’s taking care of me – my schedule is jam-packed. In addition to the fact I have moved from sea level to very high altitude, I feel constantly drained!

I’ve been meaning to find a balance between everything and a lot of it has been trial and error! Since I have turned 31, I have decided to give up / start forming small habits in small steps.

A few things tried, tested, and found to be true:

1 I have had some positive results from making sure I designate at least 2 hours each evening in the work week for a quick nap (or a power nap). It has helped me a lot. (It’s not normal to be awake straight from 5:30AM to 10 or 11PM every night!)

2 Drinking lots of water, at least 2 liters everyday helps maintain focus when I’ve already had my coffee for the morning (I try to keep it 1 cup minimum as more than that, can be quite unhealthy).

3 I take mini-breaks to do a spine stretch and then will re-focus my attention to what is happening in that exact moment – which helps a lot, spend about 15 minutes to just re-group if I am at work or in the middle of something. Especially for someone like me who works endless hours on the computer, programming (I’m a software developer). You need your mind constantly fresh.

4 I keep a tall glass of water near my bed so that is the first thing I drink when I first wake up. I did this for 3 days and now it’s a habit!

5 I wait a full 30 minutes after waking up, to then have coffee, I found that I have a better coffee experience when I let my body reset before it has anything except water. If you really want to get technical, two Google tech designers have discovered the actual best time to have coffee or to caffeinate, and it is not early as one would think. Technologists Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky have found that 9:30AM is the optimal, best time to have your first cup of coffee for the day.

Source: CNBC
Former Googlers say your coffee habit could be killing your productivity

6 Number 5 is true for coffee, and this is true for alcohol: I allow 15 minutes after taking a sip or slurp of my cocktail, to let the alcohol take into effect. The problem is I and also I’m sure most people, need instant gratification and if we don’t feel it, we will keep drinking until we do! However now, I wait and realize that I have a better cocktail experience as well. It’s better physically (no hangover) and financially (no scary negative in my checking account the next morning!) So anyone reading this post who is in their 20’s and just reached the drinking age, take note!

7 I have a teaspoon of watered down Apple Cider Vinegar every night. It is extremely beneficial for digestion and also skin (since it all starts inside of our bodies). I noticed I wake up recharged and my skin is glowing in the morning.


± What are some of your mental and physical health tips? Please feel free to share below in the comments, we would love to hear your own!

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