Mexico in March

Mexico in March

Last week I was in Northern Mexico celebrating and catching up with friends. One of my best friends, Laura got married! I have been traveling and going to Northern Mexico for years. Laura and I met in San Miguel about 4 years ago around this month so it was emotional, surreal that fast forward 4 years later I am a bridesmaid in her wedding and one of her best friends.

The first day reaching Queretaro, Mexico, I had this overwhelming feeling of just joy but at the same time anticipation, anxiety, and fear. I reached Queretaro airport at around 10:15PM, my flight was extremely delayed. Partially my fault seeing as though I could not make my 7:50AM flight.

After rushing through customs and airport security (which QRO airport is very small and is currently under construction – hopefully to expand) I got out of the front gates onto the lobby area where people are waiting for their loved ones with signs. Looking for my shuttle anxiously I could not find it.

After a while we were able to connect and we all left as a group on our way to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. It’s about a 1 hour drive but for some reason we didn’t get there until about 12:30AM, over 1 hour trying to reach. When we reached San Miguel, I felt my heart burst, full of memories, sadness, happiness, every emotion I can possibly feel.

I have been traveling to San Miguel de Allende the last 10 years. I have made so many friends who are like family to me now. I have created such a bond, a connection to this special town. It is truly a magical place. No matter how many times I travel back it’s always unique and always distinct.. No each time is the same.

While I am there, I usually stay with my friend Shane at his ranch outside of San Miguel, just 20 minutes towards Hidalgo in a small little town named, Marroquin. Its beauty is indescribable. But this time I stayed in town at my friends Blu and Lorenzo’s house which is absolutely beautiful and romantic.

I spent the whole week with them, having great conversation, listening to music, hanging out with old and new friends, having drinks and great food. It was a lot of fun and I already miss them.

Being away for nearly 2 weeks, I agreed with my job that I would work remotely as I could not afford a vacation. So I did just that. I would be out till very late with friends catching up (with alcohol mind you) and then attempt to sleep maybe 4 hours to wake up at 7:50-8AM to log into work at 8:30AM. Trying to find a balance was a real challenge. I felt my age more than ever during this trip. However in the end, it was worth it. I have even more beautiful memories added.

Around day 5, which was a Friday morning, I had to get ready to leave for the wedding which was nicely tucked away in Cuernavaca, Mexico, just outside of Mexico City. About 7-8 hours later in the Uber I ordered, I finally had reached my hotel. It was a stunning hotel, beautiful architecture; Asian inspired with outside cobbled stoned trails to your rooms. The weather was very hot, as it was even in Guanajuato. Northern Mexico this time of year is very dry, hot, and becomes very chilly at night (typical high desert mountain weather which I absolutely love).

I check into my room, and settle in. I get some work done as I wait for the evening-before-party my bestie had planned for all of us. Which was a way for us catch up a day before the actual event since some of us have not seen each other for years. It was a sober night, thankfully. I met Laura’s parents and soon-to-be-in-laws as well! It was nice to see her hubby again, Bradley. We are all friends so it was a great catch up. Of course around 11PM everyone retreats to their rooms, to get proper rest for the big day tomorrow as we all know, it is after all, a Mexican wedding! They say in Mexico “hasta morir” – literally party until you die of exhaustion!

Of course that evening I did not sleep until very late, due to work demands considering my 7 hour Uber ride did not give me much cell reception to use for my mobile hotspot. After the night was over for me, I awoke around 7AM to get quickly get ready for my hair and makeup to be done – as the two ladies coming to do it were arriving around 8:30AM.

After I had my hair and makeup beautifully done, I got dressed and arrived late to the wedding (Mexican style haha). Of course I was not the only bridesmaid to arrive late, many others didn’t show until about 15 minutes before the actual ceremony! But we all made it and all looking ready as ever to see our best friend get married to the man of her dreams.

In the ceremony, each person of the bridal party and grooms party had to make a speech to contribute to this beautiful union. We each nervously and emotionally shared our advices and congratulations! Laura’s parents’ gave the most beautiful and emotional speech as I could not hold back my tears.

After all was said and done, it was time to exchange vows as both Laura and Bradley beautifully did. They also partook in the breaking of the glass as it is Jewish tradition (Bradley’s side). We all began to stand up and walk behind the newlyweds, on our way out of the hacienda to an instrumental Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars – on the violin strings in the background, whilst everyone was blowing bubbles and throwing flowers at the happy couple. In seconds the sounds transformed from violin into beautiful mariachi playing as the happy couple walked out of the rustic stone church of San Gaspar into the hot Mexican sun. The mariachi followed while playing all the way as the happy couple led everyone in to the beautiful outside tented reception.

It was a sight to see.

As they take their vows.

We all danced for hours and hours, drank, ate, laughed, took photos, had so much fun with all of our friends and family. I got to see friends I hadn’t seen in almost 4 years. One of which is now a mom of 2 little boys.

The night ended fairly early as it started pretty early. I left the next day on my way back to Denver, Colorado, US. Through many delayed flights and one night in Phoenix airport I reached Denver at around 5AM Monday.

It was a lot of fun overall. I was very tired as I don’t think I slept properly for almost 11 days. Last time I had a full night’s rest was March 7th! Ha.

Through all of this, it gave me a very real feeling of how all my friends are beautifully settled down. How far we have all come.

Until next time!

xo Subah

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