Dior exhibit in Denver

Dior exhibit in Denver

Last weekend I had spent visiting the Denver Art Museum in the city downtown, for the Dior exhibit. Coming from New York, you are a bit conditioned to expect WOW but WOW this exhibit was just AMAZing. The most beautifully crafted, detailed dresses, suits, ethnic wear, retro wear – basically from every era styled with accessories: hats, shoes, purses, life-size earrings. Some dresses I encountered, I truly wanted to sleep in them, like Sleeping Beauty..”umm yeah how much is this..? is it on sale?..” uh yeah I wish!

Even the Denver Art Museum is just beautiful to look at and walk through. The architecture puts some of the most prestige or overly visited buildings in New York to shame. It is pretty unreal how talented some humans truly are or were. From Christian Dior to Yves Saint Laurent (his predecessor) both died but left behind beauty and a legacy that is still envied, celebrated, sold, and worn till this day.

Here some iPhone 7 pictures, thankfully they came out decent..but let’s be honest these dresses did all the work for the camera!

Until next time,
xx Subah

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