So I decided to start a blog…

So I decided to start a blog…

Hello World!

My first ever blog post is here. I guess I don’t currently know what to write about but that’s the whole point of this write..right?
I felt that I wanted to share my experiences, stories, even ideas in this beautiful life of ours, here online.

So..the older I get, I find myself repeatedly saying “Wow, I can’t believe that just happened..” but it did! That really has been my tagline since I have moved to New York..I’ve seen and experienced some really outrageous things. I guess I want this blog to be a conversation of all the things you’re probably not allowed and are allowed to talk about at a dinner party or amongst company. All the things that are probably considered bad manners or etiquette..overall we want this to be a open space, an open story.

So, I want to be real and unfiltered. I sincerely hope that during this, I do not offend anyone or stir a controversial topic..or wait I hope I do? Why the fuck not!? Anyways, so welcome to Feromina. I chose this name because it reminds me of an essential oil I bought off of a West African lady peddling them door to door in NYC a few years ago. It smelled of fruity rye perfume – very pungent but had pheromones which were made to attract love, lust, does actually work! The scent makes you feel beautiful and I felt a connection to all the great experiences I had wearing I wanted to attach a name with it. Pheromones with Ph as a F and derived from Felina with mones to make it mina 🙂

We want to attract a positive reaction from our truth and we invite you to share your truth! If you have an experience you have lived you can leave us a comment and we’ll reach back out to you!

Until next time!


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